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Tue 22, May 2007
Eurotech – the Italian Consortium for the international promotion and the technological development of environmental systems of treatment and recovery – will take part to Automaatio

Wen 16, May 2007
Following the implementation of the RoHS directive, effective from July 1 2006, the European Union will introduce another environment-protection directive, the EUP

Wen 14, Mar 2007
Eurotech, the Consortium for the international promotion of environmental systems and technologies, has planned its next missions in the European countries for 2007.

Wen 14, Mar 2007
A range of companies are still confused about the European Union's RoHS requirements and are not in compliance with them, technology and design solutions news outlet Electric Design reports.

Thu 11, Jan 2007
REACH Regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) is near to final adoption.